Herbal Collective Awarded in the Top 30 Herbal Blogs on the Web

The Herbal Collective has been awarded as one of the Top 30 Herbal Blogs on the internet.
The website and blog produces an online magazine with information on herbal health, homeopathy, essential oils, healthy foods and recipes, herbal remedies and much more as well as digital information products such as ebooks and courses.
Herbal articles are found on the blog and the magazine can be read online at www.herbalcollective.ca/current-issue.
The award was given through Feedspot, a modern blog reader and the list of herbal blogs awarded can be viewed at http://blog.feedspot.com/herbal_blogs.
The award was given ranked on four criteria:

* Google reputation and google search ranking
* Quality and consistency of posts
* Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
* Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

The Herbal Collective has a growing social media following with the largest amount on facebook currently at 3,864 likes along with Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
Publisher Marilyn Zink says the award is a testament to the quality of herbal and natural health information found on the Herbal Collective site.
“I’m absolutely thrilled to receive this award especially as it came as a complete surprise,” she says. “It shows that hard work is paying off and our following is building. It’s also a credit to the quality of articles that are submitted to the Herbal Collective from experts in their field – herbalist, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths, aromatherapists and others.”
Individuals and businesses in the herbal and natural health field are welcome to approach the Herbal Collective with suggestions for contributing articles, recipes or with other ideas.
Zink says her goal is to reach a million readers with the publication and website as interest in herbal and natural health is growing.
“It truly is a worldwide phenomenon.”
She envisions showcasing herbal and natural health manufacturers, herbal farms, practitioners, events, workshops, educational institutions, natural health fairs, farmers markets, green industries, foodies, chefs and restaurants.
“I really want it to be a one stop place where people can come and connect with other like minded individuals, learn about what else is going on in the world. We can all learn from each other. There is always much to learn and share. The possibilities are endless.”
The goal is to reach a million readers and readers locally, regionally and internationally are encouraged to share.
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