How to Plan a Healthy Adventurous Summer Vacation

I agree with the belief we don’t find happiness, we create it!
Summer goes quickly, and laughter is the best medicine. It is important to make time to play in nature and sunshine to refresh and beautify yourself, both inside and out. Walking in the woods in sandals and barefoot in the sand, makes your ankles, knees and hips supple and sloughs years energetically by lightening our step in no-time. This intimate connection to the earth is integral to our health, happiness and peacefulness on subtle levels we all feel, but don’t necessarily take time to do, and can quickly forget.
Laughing with old friends and new, expanding our limits through playtime and new explorations enlivens our brain as well as our hearts and shouldn’t be underestimated for their rejuvenating powers.

For me, living on Vancouver Island, it’s not too far a stretch to find outdoor fun. It sometimes strikes me that whether young or old, we’re all just a bunch of kids running from ocean to mountainside, river, lake and island with our gear and zeal to play with friends and intimately connect with the magnificent nature surrounding us.
Every year, I make sure to plan a special adventure getaway or two to spend quality time in exploration by holding affordable retreats that are accessible to all skill levels and adult age ranges, yet unique with a twist that have a slight element of surprise. Naturally, they all include gentle Yoga, Qigong and Meditation and feature a lesson series or theme that makes the experience meaningful, unique and fun… memorable. Fortunately, (because I love doing them) over the years awareness of these outings has spread and people now travel in from all over North America with inquiries filtering in from overseas.

I named them The Tao of Adventure Series. Over the past few years my Vancouver Island themes have included: “The Tao of the Mountain – Awakening the Healer Within”: Mt Washington 2014, “Awakening to The Tao – Chakra Development”: Read Island 2013, “The Mind of Tao – 12 Lesson Series”: Denman Island 2014/2015 and others.
Last year and again this summer in August I have partnered with the Outdoor Education Center at Tribune Bay for “The Tao of Hornby Island Retreat and the results are phenomenal. Our programs dovetail into a perfect fit of introspection, personal growth, joyfulness and team building activities that couldn’t be contrived. Not to be understated, the unique topography, natural endowments and spiritual characteristics of Hornby Island are spectacular as I describe in more detail below and can’t be denied.

This retreat is a 4 day weekend has it all. It is a great venue, hosting a wide variety of activities on water and in the woods, a fabulous location on the prime beachfront property of Hornby Island, warm-hearted, highly trained professional staff, wholesome and delicious food and draws fantastic people who gather with a common mind. Everyone is there to connect more deeply and fortify the best parts of them-selves and have a lot of fun doing it. The 2016 retreat was particularly delightful to facilitate and our reviews were stellar.
During the retreat I enjoy my days guiding morning yoga and meditations, leading a morning Labyrinth Building team, afternoon qigong and an evening lesson of connection. The Outdoor Education Centre facilitates a wide variety of professionally guided activities for all levels and fitness conditions to select from which include, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock wall climbing, hiking, nature walks and multiple forest games.

It’s always a wonderful experience for me seeing people I trained years ago coming together with my current students and meeting many new faces. Ages ranged from early 20’s to mid – 70’s, from all walks of life, everyone is able to engage fully and reportedly had the time of their lives.
Hornby Island was known by First Nations to be a portal where the sacred energy of humanity is empowered.
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