Small Business Marketing Webinar

Small Business Marketing Secrets Webinar
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One of the fastest ways to build an email list of prequalified customers these days is through webinars. Offers like this allow you the chance to share meaningful, valuable content to entirely new audiences at introductory pricing that you can then follow up with to sell them on follow up courses, future webinars, ebooks, software, downloadable products, and more.

This example ad for a webinar is here simply to give you an idea of how you could present your offer for the biggest impact. For starters you can talk about what attendees will get out of the webinar:

  • Specific steps they can take to market through social media
  • 3 Keys to advertising successfully on Facebook
  • 5 Critically important things they need to know about email marketing conversions
  • 3 Totally free sources of unlimited qualified traffic
  • How to improve conversion rates through A/B testing
  • etc.

You get the idea. Then you can talk about the value of the webinar or some of the special qualifications of the people running the training. Maybe you have a joint venture partner that will be talking during the webinar about special content they can’t get anywhere else. The options are endless, as are the subjects. Your webinar could be on nutrition, the healing power of electromagnetic coding, next season’s fashion trends, your company’s latest products, or anything your market would find exciting and this offer could help fill those seats for you, leading to great long term customers.