It’s Almost Spring!

I’m so thrilled. The coming of spring means it’s time to cleanse. Read on for more.

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Internet radio show on liver health
Herb of the Month – Dandelion 
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Introduction  I want to talk about cleansing, with a particular focus on liver health, in this issue of the Herbal Collective’s e-newsletter. It’s part of a mini-series that I’m doing from now on. This series will cover cleansing for March and April. In May and June I’ll talk about women’s health and men’s health respectively. So make sure to read each issue so you don’t miss anything. 

I’m also pleased to announce that I will speak on the importance of liver health on an internet radio show. Go here to listen to the show and be sure to come back for more information on liver health.

Herb of the Month – Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)  Dandelion has long been used as an agent for detoxifying the liver. ‘Dandelion has two important uses; to promote the formation of bile and to remove excess water from the body in edemous conditions resulting from liver problems.’ (The Herb Book by John Lust)  Let’s take a closer look at that. What does it mean to promote bile? The liver produces bile to break down fat so it can be better digested in the intestine. Bile also raises the ph level of food in the small intestine from acid to alkaline because the digestive enzymes in the small intestine only work in an aklaine medium. The liver produces alkaline bile for this reason. (from Conscious Health by Ron Garner). An acidic body leads to disease. An alkaline body means better health. 

The second important use for dandelion, to remove excess water, is another good way to clear the liver of toxins. Toxic people are often overweight, and some of that weight is caused by water retention. The body is holding on to excess water, resulting in edema, because the liver is overloaded. How do you know you have edema? Do you look puffy? Are your ankles swollen? Are your fingers puffy? Toxins are also stored in fat cells. If you want to lose weight, look at doing a liver cleanse first.

March/April Herbal Collective  The March/April issue of the Herbal Collective is now out. The theme is on cleansing for better health. We also take a look at cancer from several perspectives. Naturopathic doctor Neil Mckinney gives an interesting perspective on cancer and oxygen.  To get your hands on the next issue, subscribe today. As a simple gift for subscribing, we will send you our free report “Top 5 Strategies to Stay Healthy”. Visit us online at 

Internet Radio Show on Liver Health

I talk about the liver in detail on the internet radio show Living on Purpose produced by Lynn Thompson.   I believe liver problems are at the root of many of the poor health problems in society. Liver disease is on the rise and the reason is partly attributed to poor diet.  So listen to the show and let me know what you think. Email me at  Herbal Theme Gardens E-Book 

My ebook on Herbal Theme Gardens is available on our website at Herbal Theme Gardens E-Book. Get some great information on how to get your herb garden growing today. The ebook is FREE for a limited time with your subscription.

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