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A Practical Guide To Herbalism

By Jocelyne M.T. Spencer, MH, Practicing Herb Specialist Welcome to the marvelous world of Herbalism — the knowledge and study of herbs! Unknowingly, herbs form part of our everyday life. Herbs are found in the mustard that coats your hot-dog bun, in the many spices on your kitchen shelf, in most of your salad’s vegetables,…

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Herb Garden Planning: Part 1

By Richard White – Hazelwood Herb Farm, Ladysmith BC During late summer and fall last year I had numerous conversations with customers who told me that they wanted to start an herb garden the following year. So if you made a resolution this year to take better care of yourself and part of that is…

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The Low Carb Craze

By Marilyn Zink The low carb and Atkins diet has been promoted so much that most people are aware of it or are practicing it. The low carb craze is making people aware of reducing consumption of white flour products, but they should also be aware that they follow the Atkins diet or other low…

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Reiki for Kid’s Health

By Kathy Simons Reiki brings so much to children in this world at a time when it is so important for them to feel supported. I have had the honor of teaching children Reiki this summer, it is with deep gratitude that I get to share this special time with them, they teach me as…

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Skin Care for Summer

By Marilyn Zink  We’ve all seen the people who get lobster red skin from too much sun in the summer. And winced. Most people these days are more conscious of protecting their skin, especially when it’s hot and sunny. Putting on sunscreen is one way to protect your skin. But good skin care also starts…

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