Can Herbs Clean the Blood?

By Marilyn Zink 

I had never thought about blood much – I mean, who wants to think about blood?
I figured it had red and white blood cells, it circulated through my body, moved faster when I was exercising and pretty much did what it was supposed to.

But my eyes were opened several years ago when I had a blood cell analysis done. There were all sorts of things floating around in the blood that I hadn’t even heard of.

Did you know that the liver filters the blood?  In fact, that’s one of its primary functions. And if your liver is overloaded, it can’t do the job properly.  It’s absolutely critical that the blood is filtered because when it comes from the intestines it is loaded with bacteria, entotoxins (those are the dead bacteria, uugh!) and large molecules that are antigen-antibody complexes, which are produced when the immune system latches onto an invader to neutralize it.

So when you do a herbal cleanse, it’s going to help the liver do a better job and clean up what’s in your blood. So which herbs clean the blood?

Well, I thought you’d never ask.

Herbal Blood Cleansers

The herbs that clean the blood include; echinacea, red clover, dandelion, burdock, yellow dock and oregon grape root.  Now if you know anything about herbs, you will have recognized that echinacea is also an immune booster, dandelion and burdock also clean the liver and oregon grape root is a liver stimulant. Oregon grape root is also a blood purifier.

Yellow dock cleans the skin, blood and liver and it contains Vitamin C and iron.  So when you buy your herbal detox kit and you read the list of herbs, you will have a better understand of what these herbs do when you undergo a cleanse.

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Marilyn Zink is the publisher of the Herbal Collective magazine,

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