How to Deal with Stress using Herbs

By Marilyn Zink
Dealing with stress using herbs is an effective way to help the body heal.

Choosing the right herbs to use and how to use them is a critical component to deal with stress effectively.

Often people think of using calming herbs to deal with stress. While this is a good approach, it’s worthwhile to consider another group of herbs for dealing with stress.

This group of herbs are known as adaptogens.
These herbs are called this because they help the body adapt to different situations – they have a normalizing and balancing effect on the body.

They neither stimulate, sedate or inhibit the body but rather have a tonifying effect. The beauty of adaptogens is that they help the body deal with stress more effectively by helping the body’s systems.

These are systems such as the immune system, usually the first area impacted by stress, the circulatory system, the nervous system and the endocrine system.

This is particularly important as stress has such as negative effect on so many areas of the body.

Ginseng is one of the most well known herbal adaptogens.
There are different types of ginseng so it’s important to know what type of ginseng is best to take and how that will effect the body.

Not everyone can take ginseng.
This is where other herbal adaptogens come into play.

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Marilyn Zink is the publisher of the Herbal Collective magazine.