Wild Oil of Oregano Review

What makes Wild Oil of Oregano different from other oil of oregano products?
This review covers the benefits of Certified Organic Wild Oil of Oregano and what makes someone decide how they want to use it and whether it is best for them.
Wild Oil of Oregano is a powerful anti-biotic, anti-fungal. It is often chosen on the amount of Carvacrol it contains but those using it should do their research and get the facts.

Here are just three ways Wild Oil of Oregano benefits the body.

Immune Booster

Many people tend to view oil of oregano as an immune booster. Wild Oil of Oregano is a strong stimulant and acts quickly and effectively to kill the bacteria that can contribute to low immunity.
The key is to use it as the first sign of a stressed immune system – the tickle in the throat, coughing, sneezing,  headache, nausea or congestion in the lungs.
Users take it directly in the mouth (it is a ‘hot’ oil so it is strong) or diluted in liquid such as water or juice. Users also gargle it in liquid which increases the oil’s effectiveness at killing germs and bacteria in the mouth.
As it is a strong stimulant it should not be taken on a daily basis but on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Digestive System

Another good benefit of the Wild Oil of Oregano is in the digestive system. The digestive tract is the body’s first line of defense next to the respiratory system. If the digestive system isn’t functioning at par, bowel movements are slow or there is mucous, bloating or gas. Wild Oil of Oregano is effective at killing the bacteria that cause this. This can tend to result in better bowel movements, less gas or bloating and those using the oil tend to feel more energized as a result.


Wild Oil of Oregano is good at helping women (and some men) deal with candida overgrowth.
This fungus can be a drain on the body – affecting hormone balance, causing digestive issues, slowing the immune system and sapping energy levels.
Some believe that over time it can lead to chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia.
Wild Oil of Oregano used consistently and in conjunction with a health plan can neutralize the toxins caused by candida overgrowth to restore the body to better health.

These three tips are just a few of the many ways a person can use to benefit from Wild Oil of Oregano.
But there are at least 60 ways that oil of oregano can be used for better health.
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